Black Lives Matter Protest in Worcester this Saturday

This Saturday the people of Worcestershire have the opportunity to protest the horrific death of George Floyd and show solidarity with those fighting racial oppression all around the world.

A group of local young activists have organised a Black Lives Matter protest in Worcester this Saturday. Whilst the location of the protest will only be released on the day, it is confirmed that it will be starting at 13:30. To keep up with any developing updates with regards to where the protest is taking place then please follow Black Lives Matter on Instagram and mark yourself as going on the Facebook Event.

The organisers have stressed throughout that this is a peaceful protest which will observe social distancing rules and that they will work to try and ensure all in attendance are wearing masks. The Instagram page that has advertised the event has consistently put out information regarding how people can protest safely and advised those who live with people who are at high risk not to attend. The event will be stewarded by a large group of volunteers who will work to remind protesters about social distance guidelines and can direct anyone to a First Aider if one is required for any reason.

Screenshot from the Black Lives Matter Instagram page

Tanya, one of the organisers of Saturday’s protest, spoke to Worcestershire Transformed and stressed the importance that people of all ethnicities, ages and backgrounds join the protest:

Just because this issue is affecting black people doesn’t mean it’s an issue only for the black people to deal with. This isn’t an issue only this current generation should sort out. We are fighting for equality and for that, we all need unity. We can never achieve what we want if we aren’t all fighting together.

For those that can’t attend, it’s important that you try and provide material support where you can through donations to Community Bail Funds and various organisations supporting black communities all around the world. Tanya also called for those that can’t attend to educate themselves and sign all the petitions they can:

Spread awareness about the injustice in the world! This isn’t a one time event/battle. It’s a constant ongoing battle. Educate your family, your peers!! Sign petitions, learn about places to donate. Don’t be passive when you see something wrong. If you are white, use your privilege to help others.

If you are wanting to attend the protest, keep an eye on the Black Lives Matter Social Media pages. Alternatively, Worcestershire Transformed will release information regarding Saturday’s protest as soon as we get it.

If you can’t attend, please have the look at the following Google Doc which provides a comprehensive list of template emails to MPs, important petitions that need signing, and organisations that you can donate to.

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