Black Lives Matter Protest in Worcester TOMORROW

The organiser’s of the hugely successful Black Lives Matter protest on the 13th of June at the Worcester Racehorse are holding another event TOMORROW.

Details are still to be confirmed about the protest but this is what we know so far:

When: 08/08/2020 at 13:00 (Speakers expected to start at 13:00)

Where: Worcester (Exact Details TBC)

The organisers have confirmed that the location will be confirmed via their Instagram page soon. This protest is set to differ slightly to the one held in June with the theme being I Am Not Your Negro.

The reasoning behind this theme was explained on the group’s Instagram Page:

The theme is inspired by the film of the same name that focuses on the life of James Baldwin. Baldwin was an African-American author and activist; the film uses writings and clips of Baldwin to delve into what being black in the Western world meant, how society treated you and the media portrayed you.

Through his work, Baldwin illustrates that though black people were not kept in physical chains, society had kept the black community in non-physical chains through the negative treatment they still had to endure and the stereotypes and negative perceptions pushed onto them.


You can see the trailer to the film here.

Worcestershire Transformed will post to our Facebook and Twitter pages any updates regarding further details about the protest.

If you are planning on attending please remain socially distant and bring face masks and hand sanitiser.

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