Worcester Commemorates Black History Month

Following on from our previous article, here is another selection of events that are being organised by groups across Worcester, including Elton and Kat, who were the figureheads behind the highly successful Black Lives Matter’s Protest in Worcester last summer.

You can keep up to date with a range of events going on in the city through the Black Lives Matter Worcester Instagram page. Below is a selection of some of the events they are organising or supporting:

  • 12th October: University of Worcester’s African and Caribbean Society (UOW Students only but will be filmed and posted online)
    • ‘A Walk Through History’ 2pm-7pm
    • ‘Black Excellence Night’ 7pm-9pm
  • 15th October: A Podium in the Town Centre
  • 24th October: Amplified – Performance Corner
    • A space in two to showcase black poetry, music, spoken word and dance
  • 25th October: Amplified – Performance Corner
  • 31st October: Amplified: Performance Corner

Talking to Worcestershire Transformed about the series of events, BLMW organiser Elton said:

“Black History Month is important because it gives a spotlight to people that have been marginalised for the entirety of the western narrative. It’s a month to celebrate beauty in diversity as opposed to beauty in supremacy. Where black people can shout about their heroes, their passions, and their struggles. It’s about teaching others about our own experiences, when we have school systems in this country that will teach you about ancient history before they teach you about black history. It’s about saying “hello, we exist, we are here!” It’s about celebration, it’s about learning from each other, it’s about acknowledging tough pasts and the unacceptable state of the present, it’s about understanding history so that we can all work towards the ideal of a better future for black people in this country and across the world”

At Worcestershire Transformed we are going to continue to post articles that discuss the lived experiences of black people in the UK to commemorate Black History Month. If you have an idea for an article, a story or you know of a Black History Month event then drop us an email at worctransformed@gmail.com.

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