Support Local News: Donate Today

In a world of misinformation and vested interests, it is important to have alternative media sources that are not beholden to wealthy backers and large corporations. Since our inception in early 2020, we have strived to report, write and analyse those stories, movements and people who look to transform our community and society for the better. We are constantly looking to expand and find ways of reaching more people.

That is why we are launching on Patreon and Crowdfunder in order to cover our costs and grow our reach.

If you want to make a small monthly donation to the blog, click on the Patreon link below:

If you would rather make a one off donation please contact us on If you are a member of a Trade Union please get your branch to make a donation.

We understand in these difficult times many will be unable to donate but thank you to those that can.

Love and solidarity,

The Worcestershire Transformed Team


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