British Gas workers fighting ‘Fire and rehire’ strategy

1,000’s of British Gas employee’s have been threatened with the sack by British Gas’ owner Centrica, says GMB.

British Gas employees have been told they could be out of a job by Christmas unless they agree to substantial changes to their contracts. Centrica, owner of British Gas have given employees the deadline of 23rd December to agree to cut in pay and worse contract conditions or face the sack. This is after GMB members in British Gas overwhelmingly rejected Centrica’s proposals to cut pay and terms & conditions. On the 17th December, it was announced that GMB members were going to take strike action.

The new contract Centrica wants to impose could mean a 10% decrease in salary for a lot of the workforce. GMB National Secretary Justin Bowden said:

“The company response to the 86% rejection of pay cuts by members in a very high turnout ballot is to set a deadline of 23rd December for them to accept the same offer or be fired.

“This means that strike action in the depths of winter is now unavoidable.

“British Gas must take full responsibility for the disruption that is now unavoidable by this irresponsible confrontation with their own loyal workforce.

“GMB will be meeting with senior representatives in the company to work out what emergency cover can be provided during the strike.”

On Friday, GMB Union that strike action this winter is unavoidable after ‘Centrica refused last-ditch negotiations’ and continued to say ‘Centrica must take full responsibility for the disruption that is now unavoidable by this irresponsible confrontation with their own loyal workforce.’

A ballot by GMB concluded on 17th December to decide whether to take industrial action and 89% of members who work for British gas have decided to take industrial action. GMB have ensured that measures will be put in place to protect the elderly and vulnerable.

This is another example of the much too occurring ‘sack and sign’ ultimatum. Other recent examples include Aspire Living and Heineken, both have been covered by Worcestershire Transformed.

Worcestershire Transformed stands in solidarity with the British gas workers who are being treated poorly in these terrible times.

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