Local workers express solidarity with Bulmers factory workers

Unite the Union Herefordshire and Worcestershire Branch, with over 2000 members, has joined others across the county in expressing solidarity and support for the Bulmers factory Workers in Hereford. At a recent meeting the Branch voted unanimously to condemn restructuring plans by parent company Heineken which would see the termination of workers’ existing contracts and the rehiring of these workers on new, less fair contracts.

The proposed new contracts not only include a significant decrease in wages, but also weaken terms and conditions around sick pay, holiday pay, flexible working patterns, retirement benefits, and Sunday shift premiums. All of this is despite Heineken making over €227 million in profit in the first half of 2020.

Chair of the local Unite Branch Daniel Hall said: 

“Heineken bosses are acting disgracefully. At a time when so many jobs are hanging in the balance it is shameful that a multi-billion-pound company is threatening its loyal workforce with the sack.

We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our fellow members at Bulmers. Heineken cannot be allowed to bully people into accepting what is quite frankly an unacceptable deal.

Unite branches across the country are in agreement that these ultimatums are unacceptable and Unite will continue to offer support to the workers at the Bulmers factory.”

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