Worcester City FC Release Annual Financial Report

After an extremely difficult 2020 for non-league football as a whole, Worcester City FC have released their annual report and financial statements for 2019/2020.

Despite everything that has happened with football and the pandemic, it has been a relatively positive 12 months for City. At the start of the 2020/2021 season, the club had not played within Worcester itself since leaving St George’s Lane in 2013, and found themselves plying their trade in the Midland Football League. Today the club has found a new home within the city at Claine’s Lane, they have just appointed an experienced coach in Tim Harris, and their work within the community during this crisis has been impeccable.

In terms of the financials surrounding the club, things again look positive despite the current global conditions. In our previous interviews with Worcester City FC and WCFC Supporters Trust Board Member Luxe Cox, he told us that the board were confident that the club’s fan ownership model was key to secure the club’s long-term survival. This model has proved particularly important as the effects of the pandemic take hold across the footballing pyramid. Whilst many clubs may be bankrolled by one or two wealthy benefactors, who may be feeling the financial pinch of the current economic crisis personally, City are owned and run by their members:

“Our fan ownership model will give us that reliable and diversified way of building a football club which you don’t get by relying on a businessperson.

Our model is the contrast to what we see up and down the leagues and instead of having one person put lots in we have lots of people putting a little bit in and by doing that they get that influence and the feeling of being part of something bigger.”

Luke Cox – Worcester City FC and WCFC Supporters Trust Board Member (Source: https://worcstransformed.co.uk/2020/12/02/the-future-of-non-league-football/)

So how does this bear out with regards to the annual report and financial statement? The report covers the club’s finances for the year ended 31 May 2020, so is yet to highlight the full effects of the club’s move back to Worcester. Even so, the club is extremely positive about the statement, writing on their website that despite “losses being incurred… last season and due to the impact of COVID-19… initial indications positively support the decision to return to Worcester.”

Whilst it may be alarming for some that a loss has been registered, it must be understood that losses across football are to be expected considering the almost complete collapse of non-league football as a result of the pandemic. However, with the move back into Worcester, and the new commercial opportunities this brings alongside increased game-day attendances, there is still a positive atmosphere surrounding City. You can read the report in full here.

So how can you help City moving forward? Even if you are not a football fan it is important to secure the club’s future as an asset to our community. First of all you can sign up to be a WCFC Supporter’s Trust member. Not only does this mean you are supporting the club financially, but you also get a say in how the club is run and how it engages with the community. You can sign up to be a Trust member here. Alternatively, you can make donations to the club directly or through their Team Builder draw.

Don’t forget you can support our work by pledging a monthly donation to our Patreon or by making a one off donation to our Crowdfunder. You can find details here.

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