Plans to Raise council tax in Worcestershire

Worcestershire County Council are planning a 2.5% Council Tax increase in an to attempt to plug the current funding gap.

It was announced in early January that the Worcestershire County Council cabinet were planning a council tax increase of 2.5%, with 1% being pledged towards adult social care. For the average Worcestershire household, who are in band D, it will mean around a £33 increase a year. It is expected that this will raise an extra £5 million to try and close the current £26.5 million gap in its budget.

Worcestershire Transformed spoke to Cllr Robin Lunn, the Labour Group leader at the County Council, who said the Government should be offering more support to councils rather than asking the public to fit the bill:

“After the travails of the last 10 months, it is deeply depressing for everyone in Worcestershire that on top of everything else, a lack of government funding and a proper long term solution for Adult Social Care is leading to a proposed 2.5% increase in Council Tax.

I agree with Sir Keir Starmer that in view of what everyone has been through, funding should be provided by Central Government to the council to ensure that there is no need for any Council Tax rises this year. What is even more concerning, is that over the next two years, there is a predicted gap of £76 million pounds. Unless the Conservative government finally rises to the Adult Social Care funding crisis which has been with us long before COVID, this will inevitably lead to rises in Council tax in the future or massive cuts to services provided.

Now is the time for the government to tackle this matter once and for all.”

Cllr Robin Lunn – Leader of Worcestershire County Council Labour Group

With unemployment rising, many left on furlough or even potentially unable to get Government support, a further Council Tax rise may be be simply unaffordable. The County Council plan on putting the potential increase out for consultation with Worcestershire residents.

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