Wyre Forest Labour Release Their 4 Key Election Pledges

With May’s County Council Elections still set to go ahead, local Labour Party’s are currently on election footing. Wyre Forest Labour have announced that they will be fighting this election on four key area: Jobs, The Environment, Buses and Social Care. We spoke to Stephen Brown, the group’s Press Officer, about what these pledges mean for Wyre Forest and Worcestershire as a whole.

1. Jobs

“We have looked at the County Council Labour pledges, there are a number of them, but we decided to focus on the four that we thought could make the biggest difference for the people of Wyre Forest.

Jobs came out on top as we really need local sustainable jobs here, unsurprisingly that’s followed by the environment in the form of a green new deal, then buses which are always a hot topic in Wyre Forest, and finally social care which all of us might need at some point in our life whether young or old.

On jobs, we’ll encourage local sustainable ones by giving local businesses a better chance to win council contracts so keeping money in the County. We’ll support new businesses, promote a real living wage and guaranteed working hours, with trade union recognition. “

2. The Environment

“On the environment, we’ll work on delivering a green new deal for a cleaner, greener, healthier Worcestershire. It’s not just about clean air and water, we will support the development of Green Jobs by encouraging start up companies, and supporting local colleges to provide apprenticeship schemes. Renewables have to play their part so we’ll increase the amount of renewable energy generated by and used by the council, with achievable but ambitious targets.”

3. Buses

“On buses, they have to be more regular and more affordable. Not everyone has a car, we all need to be able to get to and from town and city centres, work places, hospitals and shops. A vibrant community cannot leave anyone behind so we’ll only work with bus companies who are keen to work with us to achieve transport equality, with more routes that are affordable.”

4. Social Care

“And on Social Care, we need to redemocratise it and bring Children’s Services back in-House to improve it. Our council employed staff also need better looking after and paying more money. The staff look after our most vulnerable people and it’s important they are properly paid, properly motivated. It could be your mom or dad or brother or sister they are caring for.

By concentrating on these pledges, we are setting ourselves realistic goals and ensuring that what money we do still have after years of Government cuts, is spent in the right areas so that communities see things improving in line with our values as a Party.”

Due to the pandemic there is a push to get voters registered for a postal vote with uncertainty remaining how the 2021 Local Elections will work practically. You can register for a postal vote at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-a-postal-vote.

Don’t forget you can support our work by pledging a monthly donation to our Patreon or by making a one off donation to our Crowdfunder. You can find details here.

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