Sign up for the TUC Young Workers’ Conference 2021

As previously reported by Worcestershire Transformed, the pandemic has hit young workers particularly hard. A concoction of low pay and precarious work has highlighted the importance of young workers joining Trade Unions and getting active within their branches. That is why this year’s TUC Young Workers’ Conference 2021 comes at an important time. 

The online event will take place on the 27th and 28th of March between 10:00-17:00. The conference is open to young workers and those interested in issues affecting young workers. 

Included on the agenda for the weekend are:

  • Debates on the impact of Covid-19 on young workers; tackling mass unemployment; mental health
  • Keynote speeches including from Frances O’Grady, General Secretary, TUC
  • Fringe listings
  • Conference business

The TUC’s website says the “conference will be an opportunity to discuss these important issues, look back and what we have done and look to the future.”

Anna Stansbury, a researcher in inequality and social policy at Harvard University, believes that “one of the longer-lasting effects of the pandemic will be to convince a broader swathe of people that joining a union might be helpful for them”. If young workers adopt this viewpoint then it could be massively significant in the long term prospects of the UK Trade Union movement. Young people have traditionally been the least likely age demographic to be a member of a trade union, a trend the TUC are actively looking to change. 

George Walker, who is a GMB member and sits on the TUC Young Workers National Forum, told Worcestershire Transformed:

‘In recent years, the TUC Young Workers Forum has sought to draw attention to the biggest issues facing young workers across the country. We’ve run campaigns on tackling third-party harassment, improving the quality of apprenticeships and addressing the mental health crisis in our workplaces. These huge challenges remain, but are now compounded by a global pandemic and economic crisis which has caused many young workers to lose their jobs, threatening a surge in youth unemployment. 

Young workers have had a raw deal for far too long. This Conference can be a step towards building a movement that can respond to the current crisis, fight back and demand a new deal for young people in the workplace. Whilst Coronavirus represents many barriers to organising, holding our conference online makes it more accessible than ever, with anyone able to join for free and from the comfort of their own home. I would encourage anyone who is interested to sign up for the conference, get involved and most importantly, join a Trade Union!’

You can sign up to the event at the TUC’s website. If you are not a member of a Trade Union you can find the right one for you at

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