At a recent branch meeting, the Unite the Union Herefordshire and Worcestershire Branch voted to create a Workers’ Pledge to be distributed to all candidates in the upcoming local elections on the 6th of May. The branch is asking candidates to add their signatures to the pledge to promise to voters that they will represent the needs of workers and their unions, and act in their best interests in the case of election to the council.

The pledge reads:

“As per Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, if elected Councillor I agree to support, and actively promote, the right for Council staff and its officers to unionise. I will ensure that there is a robust relationship between the Council, its staff and their chosen union.

I will also advocate on the behalf of workers across my ward and will actively work to increase union membership amongst and will actively work to increase union membership amongst my constituents. Additionally, I will work with businesses across my ward to encourage union recognition.

As Councillor, I will not cross any picket lines and will stand by workers in their disputes and struggles. I agree to have a consistent dialogue with local Trade Union Branches and Councils.”

Daniel Hall, Chair of the Branch, said:

“The workers’ pledge is really important. We need to know that prospective councillors are on the side of the thousands of trade union members across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Everyone deserves fair wages, safe working conditions and a good work–life balance. That’s why we’re asking councillors to stand with us in support of workers’ rights.”

Unite WM/6070 Branch Logo

Unite’s Worcestershire and Herefordshire branch will continue to advocate for workers’ rights and union membership in all industries, and work to ensure that our local representatives do the same, regardless of political party.

Candidates wanting to sign the pledge can contact the branch via their Facebook page or by emailing dan.roberts@unitetheunion.org.

Don’t forget you can support our work by pledging a monthly donation to our Patreon or by making a one-off donation. You can find details here.

Disclaimer: The author of this article is the Treasurer of a Unite the Union Branch and Unite the Union Branch WM/6070 pay an affiliation fee to Worcestershire Transformed to support our work.


  • Cllr Fran Oborski MBE

    As a long time Trades Union Member and former President of the largest Teachers’ Union Branch in England I would be happy to sign.

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    • Hi Fran, in what election and what ward are you running in this May? We will forward this on to the Unite branch

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      • Frances Oborski

        I’m the sitting Worcestershire County Cllr for the St Chads Division Kidderminster seeking re election and I’m also a Kidderminster Town Cllr for the Offmore Comberton Ward seeking re election there.
        I was a long time NASUWT and former President of their Birmingham Association!

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