Home Office Consultation on “New Plan for Immigration”: Make Sure Your Opinion Is Heard

The Government have launched their “New Plan for Immigration” which sets out various proposals for changes to nationality, immigration and asylum law. Activists have called it ‘vague, cruel, unworkable and potentially unlawful’. The document is currently out for consultation until 06/05/2021 with Human Rights and Refugee charities imploring as many people as possible to voice their opposition to the plan.

The plan’s state the Government’s intention to create a ‘two-tiered’ asylum system in which those who come to the U.K without any prior permissions will be punished regardless of their reasonings for arriving in the U.K. The document then suggests that asylum seekers who have entered the U.K without prior permission would lose their right to appeal any decision regarding their asylum in the U.K. If implemented the plan would also mean asylum applications would require even further checks, meaning the already long winded process for seeking asylum in the U.K will be extended further.

Andy Hackman of Amnesty International UK says:

It feels particularly disappointing that while we are gearing up to promote, celebrate and encourage communities to come together to create a more welcoming environment for refugees and people seeking asylum, we are also responding to this deeply concerning Home Office announcement about changes to the UK’s immigration and asylum system. Sadly, the changes the Home Office intends to make are as harmful as we feared and confirm the Home Secretary’s inability or unwillingness to fulfil her promise to reform the department’s culture.

Source: Gov.Uk

Ruth Forecast, of local resettlement charity Malvern Welcomes, says:

The UK Government’s New Plan for Immigration is deeply concerning from many points of view. It will dismantle the existing asylum system and create a 2-tier asylum system. People with genuine need for protection will find it harder to seek asylum and it will be also be harder for families to be reunited.

The plight of unaccompanied children is especially concerning and damaging. Their cases should be dealt with as quickly as possible and, where appropriate, they should be reunited with their families.

The Plan aims to make it easier for people to be deported and returned to life-threatening situations which they have fled. The UK must continue to respect its international asylum and human rights obligations, including specific duties owed to refugees and to children by working cooperatively with other countries, including the EU, in order to create a safe and fair asylum system for anyone who needs to seek safety.”

Amnesty International have published a guide which lays out how those who oppose this plan can complete the consolation. Their guide can be found here and the consultation can be completed here. Choose Love, a charity which supports refugees and displaced peoples, are also asking supporters to sign their petition to stop the Home Secretary’s plans.

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