Thirty-Five candidates have now signed Unite the Union Herefordshire and Worcestershire Branch’s Workers’ Pledge ahead of Thursday’s Local Elections. Candidates from all of the elections taking place this week across our two counties have supported Unite’s request to stand by workers and their right to join a union if elected as a Councillor.

The local Unite Branch’s Workers’ Pledge asked candidates to support the following:

“As per Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, if elected Councillor I agree to support, and actively promote, the right for Council staff and its officers to unionise. I will ensure that there is a robust relationship between the Council, its staff and their chosen union.

I will also advocate on the behalf of workers across my ward and will actively work to increase union membership amongst and will actively work to increase union membership amongst my constituents. Additionally, I will work with businesses across my ward to encourage union recognition.

As Councillor, I will not cross any picket lines and will stand by workers in their disputes and struggles. I agree to have a consistent dialogue with local Trade Union Branches and Councils.”

All major parties were contacted by the branch, and out of the thirty-five candidates that signed the pledge, thirty were from the Labour Party, two were from the Green Party, two were from the Liberal Democrats and one was from TUSC.

Daniel Hall, Chair of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Branch of Unite, said:

“Throughout the pandemic trade unions have shown their real worth, standing up for workplace safety, the right to organise and working with the government to win real improvements for workers across the country. So it’s great to see so many local candidates backing our Workers’ Pledge and showing their support for trade unionism and workers’ rights in their election campaigns.”

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Disclaimer: The author of this article is the Treasurer of a Unite the Union Branch and Unite the Union Branch WM/6070 pay an affiliation fee to Worcestershire Transformed to support our work.

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