A local climate change action group called Wyre Forest Green Alliance have set up the Art 4 Planet Earth project and have asked Wyre Forest residents for their submissions.

The Wyre Forest Green Alliance is an organisation which includes Transition Kidderminster, Transition Bewdley and Friends of the Earth. The alliance formed to work with local authorities to achieve local, sustainable climate resilience. More information about the Wyre Forest Green Alliance can be found on their website here.

To take part in the project all you need to do is create something that shows love and concern for the planet. This may include but not limited to a drawing, painting, poem or video. You then need to upload a picture or video to the submission page, which can be found here. The online exhibition will take place on the 21st October 2021 with the final date of submissions being 31 August. For more information, visit the project’s website here.

Dee Edwards, organiser of the Art 4 Planet Earth project, says:

“Many people are really concerned about the environment and the climate emergency. We’ve seen young people going on strike at school because of how they feel, and many older people expressing their anxiety about the disastrous impact that doing nothing will have upon future generations—their children and grandchildren’s lives! In Worcestershire, we’ve witnessed more extreme weather conditions which are resulting in annual flooding, bringing misery and hardship to so many people.

So Art 4 Planet Earth is a way for local people of all ages and talents, to start having their own conversation about all of these challenging issues, using creativity as a way of expressing their ideas and responses. It’s a way of producing something artistic to show politicians, both local and national, our deep concern for this incredibly wonderful planet.

We welcome a broad range of artistic responses (paintings, drawings, poetry , video, sculpture, textiles…) from individuals or groups, from kids to experienced artists (and inexperienced ones too!).  We’re inviting schools, churches, community groups, Scouts and Guides, and local Women’s Institutes to submit their creative responses.

So if you care about the environment, please check out the website and see how you can get involved. The project also wants to raise awareness about the all important COP 26 climate change summit in Glasgow, in November 2021.This is seen by many as our last chance to avert a global catastrophe of truly frightening proportions. The exhibition ( both online and real) is timed to go ‘live’ just before the summit begins, but people can submit their work from now up until 31st August 2021.”

Our climate is in a state of emergency and it is now affecting all aspects of the world. This is a great example of a group raising their concerns about climate change where many governments across the globe has failed to react—including our own.

Don’t forget you can support our work by pledging a monthly donation to our Patreon or by making a one-off donation. You can find details here.

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