Trades Council calls for just and lasting peace between Palestine and Israel

Worcester Trades Union Council (WTUC) has welcomed the announcement of a ceasefire in the recently escalating conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Whilst the ceasefire provides some respite from the recent violence, the local Trades Council have recognised the need
for a lasting peace between Palestine and Israel, one that is consistent with international law and respects equality and human rights.

The group, which is made up of delegates from local Trade Union branches, has condemned the escalation of violence over the last two weeks and mourns the loss of Palestinian and Israeli lives.

WTUC joined members of the Muslim community in Worcester on Saturday in a show of solidarity with Palestinians involved in the recently escalating conflict

WTUC told Worcestershire Transformed:

“We condemn the excessive use of force by Israeli security forces against Palestinians protesting against evictions in East Jerusalem. We also condemn Israeli air strikes on the Gaza strip which have included the targeting of civilian dwellings and have reportedly killed over 200 Palestinians, including more than 60 children. Schools and health facilities have also been hit.

Palestinians should have the right to peaceful protest – to protest against being forcibly evicted
from their homes, to protest against being under occupation and to protest for their rights.

WTUC calls on the UK government to use all means available to stop the escalation of violence and
to hold the Israeli government to account – to stop the persistent violations of international law,
to stop excessive use of violence against Palestinians, and to end the illegal occupation.

WTUC stands in solidarity with the Palestinian families being evicted from their homes and with all
of the victims of violence in recent days. WTUC also stands in solidarity with fellow trade unionists
working and campaigning for a peaceful resolution.”

WTUC is made up of delegates from local trade union branches. WTUC promotes solidarity in disputes, campaigns on issues such as health, education, welfare and transport, and provides a vital link between the workplace and the wider working-class community. You can follow their work on Facebook.

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