About Us

Worcestershire Transformed is an idea born out of the 2019 General Election by a group of young people who were dismayed with the local and national coverage offered by the mainstream media. The aim for this blog is to report, write and analyse those stories, movements and people who look to transform our community and society for the better. We seek to offer our readers a glimpse into an alternative world, a different Britain and a better Worcestershire, based on the values of true equality, justice and fairness. Whilst we endeavour to focus as much as possible on Worcestershire, our writers’ work will critique our economic system, its effect on our communities and its destruction of our planet. 

We are driven to be part of a wider movement of alternative media sources that are asking questions of power and empowering people to take the lead in trying to build a better society. Whilst our contributors are members and activists of various organisations, including political parties, Trade Unions and social movements, we are an independent, not-for-profit and voluntary organisation.

If you want to join our list of contributors, then please email worctransformed@gmail.com. You can also get in touch with us via social media at our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

We are supported by readers, local organisations and Trade Union branches. You can see our list of affiliates below:

Unite the Union Herefordshire and Worcestershire Local Employers’ Branch (WM/6070)