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Opinion: After years of financial struggles, it will take more than vaccines to save the local live music scene

The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a devastating blow to many industries. The jeopardy that sectors such as retail and hospitality have faced has repeatedly come under the media spotlight, with the government responding to this with β€œbounce back” loans and employee furlough schemes. While these loans and schemes have not gone far enough to prevent the highest rate of unemployment

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The defence of Dominic Cummings isn’t just a new low for this government – it’s a grave danger to the nation

The British public has set a very low bar for this government. A decade of brutal austerity policies that led to an estimated death toll of over 120,000 people (a well-known example of which being the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire) was not enough to stop the Conservative Party winning their fourth general election in a row back in

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How To Look After Your Mental Health During Self-Isolation

The global coronavirus outbreak has led to an unprecedented number of people self-isolating to prevent spreading and/or catching COVID-19. Medical experts have recommended β€œsocial distancing” as the most effective way of preventing the spread of the disease, and the government has announced tight new restrictions on most of our daily lives, such as only leaving your home to collect food

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