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Tory Corruption Poisons Us All

Often, the most clear-eyed understandings come from a true grasp of what the alternative looks like. If you want a new and refreshing perspective on Britain, ask a first generation immigrant. Years back, one of Worcester’s restaurateurs told me of his enthusiasm for Britain. Not the doe-eyed, romanticised vision of a new mother country; he wasn’t interested in being part

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An Open Letter to Conservatives

The Conservative and Unionist Party is the most formidable electoral force in the West. For centuries it has dominated British politics, dispatching the principal opponents of each era with merciless efficiency. Though progressives may rail against it from generation to generation, the Conservative party has endured; bastion of monarchy, nation, traditional morality and fiscal restraint. Indeed, the man I admire

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Start fighting it now, for the next general election may be Britain’s last

“We are in hell right now, gentlemen.” So says Al Pacino’s character in Oliver Stone’s bombastic NFL flick ‘Any Given Sunday.’ As a Worcester Labour member (specifically, Social Media & Comms Officer), I feel those words bearing down on me every day. For Pacino, it was an unfavourable scoreboard at half time. For progressives, it’s a government gleefully persecuting migrants;

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