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With the Worcester skate scene under attack from the authorities, what can young people do without being demonised?

In late 2020, local skateboarders were rendered shocked when an article was discovered, announcing new powers to fine and banish them for ‘anti-social behaviour’. The people of Worcester had been consulted, it declared, and were highly supportive of this new β€œclamp down” legislation. After speaking to the skate community, who cover all backgrounds, ages, and abilities, it became clear that

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Britain: a place where accusations of racism spark more outrage than hate crimes and systemic prejudice

Throughout the last few weeks of discourse surrounding anti-Black racism, Britain has refused to own up to its role in white supremacy – a brief look at the comments of any news outlet will tell you all you need to know about the denial this country still clings to. When Dawn Butler appeared on the BBC to discuss discrimination within

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