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Momentum’s New Beginning: Forward or Renewal?

Following the shock election of Jeremy Corbyn to Labour’s top position in 2015, the organisation Momentum was created primarily to be a defensive vanguard of both his leadership and it’s polices. During Corbyn’s near 5 years of leadership, Momentum played a key role in helping to elect councillors and MPs favourable to Corbyn, pushing for socialist polices at Labour’s conferences

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The Challenges Facing Keir Starmer

There has been much said about Keir Starmer in recent weeks during the Labour Leadership contest and afterwards when Starmer emerged victorious. As is inevitable in politics whenever a politician does anything, they get criticised. A lot of it has been valid and fair criticism but so far the loudest critique being lobbed at him has, in my opinion, been

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The Sad Reality Of Foodbanks

The number of donations per year, either in cash or tangible goods, given to clients has increased, with the number of people volunteering each year also rising. However, the rampant number of clients needing the Foodbank’s services has also seen a steady increase. It remains a great place to volunteer but has come under huge pressure with these growing numbers.

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