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Black History Month: Jennie’s Story

To commemorate Black History Month, Worcestershire Transformed are looking to publish a series of articles which highlight the experiences of black people in the county and across the U.K. The following article is a transcript from a talk given at an local Anti Racist Group Meeting by Jennie, a mixed-race woman living in Warwickshire. “Hello. My name is Jennie. First

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Black History Month: Worcestershire Events

2020 has been an extremely important year in terms of the fight for racial justice, with the Black Lives Matter movement growing even larger in significance. With that in mind, this year’s Black History Month in the UK seems to be as poignant as ever and there are multiple events taking place across October in Worcestershire and beyond. Below are

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Three Powerful Poems from Tari Takavarasha

Worcester’s second Black Lives Matter protest which was held on the 8th of August was another brilliantly powerful event which again highlighted the various issues surrounding systemic racism in the U.K and further afield. At the event Tariro Takavarasha, who grew up in Worcester, wrote and performed three poems which you can see below. You can see more of her

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Making the Dream a Reality – Towards a Better Tomorrow by Darian Murray-Griffiths, Speech from the Worcester #BlackLivesMatter Protest

All credit to Darian Murray-Griffiths who wrote and performed this speech at the Worcester Black Lives Matter Protest on the 13th June, 2020. Six decades ago, the world saw everyday people become heroes as they left the tedious humdrum of their ordinary lives to become involved in the fight for change, in the struggle for freedom and in the name of justice and

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“We Live in a World…” by Chyna-Benaé Edwards, performed at the Worcester #BlackLivesMatter

All credit to Chyna-Benaé Edwards who wrote and performed this speech at the Worcester Black Lives Matter Protest on the 13th June, 2020. My name is Chyna-Benaé Edwards and I’m 17 and I’ve been living in Worcestershire for all my life. I wanted to firstly say thank you for everyone attending and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in Worcester.

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