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In a world of misinformation and vested interests, it is important to have alternative media sources that are not beholden to wealthy backers and large corporations. Since our inception in early 2020, we have strived to report, write and analyse those stories, movements and people who look to transform our community and society for the better. We are constantly looking to

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We have now launched on Instagram and want to continue to tell Worcestershire stories across as many platforms as possible. If you are a fan of of our work then please follow us on the following platforms: Instagram Facebook Twitter You can also get Worcestershire Transformed articles sent to you by email by following us on WordPress. We need alternative

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Black History Month: Jennie’s Story

To commemorate Black History Month, Worcestershire Transformed are looking to publish a series of articles which highlight the experiences of black people in the county and across the U.K. The following article is a transcript from a talk given at an local Anti Racist Group Meeting by Jennie, a mixed-race woman living in Warwickshire. “Hello. My name is Jennie. First

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Black History Month: Worcestershire Events

2020 has been an extremely important year in terms of the fight for racial justice, with the Black Lives Matter movement growing even larger in significance. With that in mind, this year’s Black History Month in the UK seems to be as poignant as ever and there are multiple events taking place across October in Worcestershire and beyond. Below are

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