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Opinion: After years of financial struggles, it will take more than vaccines to save the local live music scene

The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a devastating blow to many industries. The jeopardy that sectors such as retail and hospitality have faced has repeatedly come under the media spotlight, with the government responding to this with “bounce back” loans and employee furlough schemes. While these loans and schemes have not gone far enough to prevent the highest rate of unemployment

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Three Powerful Poems from Tari Takavarasha

Worcester’s second Black Lives Matter protest which was held on the 8th of August was another brilliantly powerful event which again highlighted the various issues surrounding systemic racism in the U.K and further afield. At the event Tariro Takavarasha, who grew up in Worcester, wrote and performed three poems which you can see below. You can see more of her

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What the Government’s emergency arts funding means for the UK’s theatre and comedy industries

Last Sunday evening, the government announced that it planned to provide a much-needed injection of £1.57 billion to help the UK arts, culture and heritage industries survive the COVID-19 pandemic. This partly came as a result of increasing public pressure from theatre professionals and theatre-goers alike, with petitions, online campaigns and messages pleading the government for vital support. Whilst this

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“We Live in a World…” by Chyna-Benaé Edwards, performed at the Worcester #BlackLivesMatter

All credit to Chyna-Benaé Edwards who wrote and performed this speech at the Worcester Black Lives Matter Protest on the 13th June, 2020. My name is Chyna-Benaé Edwards and I’m 17 and I’ve been living in Worcestershire for all my life. I wanted to firstly say thank you for everyone attending and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in Worcester.

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“When I Heard” ~ Poem by Latisha Chantelle from the Black Lives Matter protest.

Published on behalf of Latisha Chantelle. Performed at the Worcester #BlackLivesMatter protest at age 16, which took place on the 13th of June 2020. “Her face looks like poo” “Haha Brown Face” “Why can’t I say the n-word, it’s not fair” “It’s alright if I say it in a song” “Why are black people so weird” ~~~~~~ “Her face looks

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