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Freeze Rents Now: A Student in Private Housing

Coronavirus has exposed the many and extensive failings and injustices of the present social, economic and political orders. I could write a whole separate piece on how these inequalities have materialised and disproportionately affected different groups (BAME, renters, insecure workers, disabled people etc). I am in no way suggesting with this article that students are a marginalised group as such,

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£13.4 Billion Debt Removal From The NHS – What Does This Mean For Worcestershire Services?

The British Government has recently announced an official writing off of the NHS debt; promising to cover up to 13.4 billion of it’s deficit. But what does this mean for Worcestershire services and how will this assist? Announced in an official press release from the government on April 2nd by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, the measure comes alongside bigger plans

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The Complications Of Universal Credit

Layoffs, redundancies, furloughs and unpaid sick leave have become a widespread feature of the Coronavirus crisis. Part-time workers, the self-employed, and even those who previously considered themselves to be in secure work are staring down the barrel of an insecure future with regards to employment. This has led to a record number of people requiring support from the government, and

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