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Black History Month: Jennie’s Story

To commemorate Black History Month, Worcestershire Transformed are looking to publish a series of articles which highlight the experiences of black people in the county and across the U.K. The following article is a transcript from a talk given at an local Anti Racist Group Meeting by Jennie, a mixed-race woman living in Warwickshire. “Hello. My name is Jennie. First

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How you can help Worcestershire’s refugee community?

Those that have fled persecution, war and climate disaster should be treated with dignity and respect. The fact that this is even a controversial statement in the current political climate is a tragedy. Not many issues erupt into such a toxic debate as when discussing the plight of refugees. The media storm surrounding those who make the treacherous journey across

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Freeze Rents Now: A Student in Private Housing

Coronavirus has exposed the many and extensive failings and injustices of the present social, economic and political orders. I could write a whole separate piece on how these inequalities have materialised and disproportionately affected different groups (BAME, renters, insecure workers, disabled people etc). I am in no way suggesting with this article that students are a marginalised group as such,

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The Need for Educational Reform: A Secondary School Student’s Thoughts

I’m fifteen years old and attend a school which has been a member of a Multi-Academies Trust since 2009, which gives me a unique perspective on the education system compared to political commentators and the experts you’ll often hear on the television. My school is very popular in the local community, oversubscribed and will be regarded by most as a

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