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Start fighting it now, for the next general election may be Britain’s last

“We are in hell right now, gentlemen.” So says Al Pacino’s character in Oliver Stone’s bombastic NFL flick ‘Any Given Sunday.’ As a Worcester Labour member (specifically, Social Media & Comms Officer), I feel those words bearing down on me every day. For Pacino, it was an unfavourable scoreboard at half time. For progressives, it’s a government gleefully persecuting migrants;

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Questions Being Asked of Labour After Local Election Result // Opinion

The 6th of May and the subsequent weekend, where the extent of the damage done to the Labour Party’s power at local government level became clear, was painful for all of us who are Party members or of a progressive persuasion. Such events have become ritualistically painful—and embarrassing, given that the losses are tending now to come in traditionally working

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Palestinian Solidarity Rally Planned In Worcester

Free Palestine Worcestershire have offered local people an opportunity to show their solidarity with the Palestinian people at a demonstration on the 29th of May. In the wake of recent events in the region, those sympathetic to the Palestinian cause have held events around the world to show its support for Palestinians and their struggle. Over 100,000 people marched for

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Thirty-Five candidates have now signed Unite the Union Herefordshire and Worcestershire Branch’s Workers’ Pledge ahead of Thursday’s Local Elections. Candidates from all of the elections taking place this week across our two counties have supported Unite’s request to stand by workers and their right to join a union if elected as a Councillor. The local Unite Branch’s Workers’ Pledge asked

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Home Office Consultation on “New Plan for Immigration”: Make Sure Your Opinion Is Heard

The Government have launched their “New Plan for Immigration” which sets out various proposals for changes to nationality, immigration and asylum law. Activists have called it ‘vague, cruel, unworkable and potentially unlawful’. The document is currently out for consultation until 06/05/2021 with Human Rights and Refugee charities imploring as many people as possible to voice their opposition to the plan.

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