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How the “Financially competent” Tories turned £30 for hungry children into THIS

Coronavirus has come to reveal the inequality in our society in numerous ways. One of the most pressing consequences is the increase in levels of poverty which have been exacerbated through the mass redundancies and inadequate levels of benefits available to support people who have lost their jobs. With schools being shut to the majority of students, the government came

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UK Government authorise pesticide that kills bees

Bees are essential workers for our ecosystems and agricultural industries, so why are the UK Government so adament to damage them when they’re already struggling? Earlier this week, UK Environment Secretary George Eustace gave farmers authorisation on the use of a pesticide containing neonicotinoid thiamethoxam on sugar beet seeds, following the UK’s official leave from the European Union which banned

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Disability History Month: Three Ways Cuts to Education have Affected Disabled Students

This month, starting 18th November and finishing 20th December, it is UK Disability History Month, and today is in fact the International Day of Disabled Persons. This article is the first instalment in the UK Disability History Month, and will explore access to education for individuals who are disabled, and the barriers that they face.   Barriers that restrict access to education

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