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Reclaim the Night Walk in Worcester Tonight

This evening residents of Worcester have the chance to walk the streets of the city in order to reclaim space for women and girls. The Reclaim the Night walk is being organised by Reclaim the Night Worcester and The Women’s Equality Party Worcestershire and its aim is to raise awareness and demand change regarding the root causes of male violence.

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Tory Corruption Poisons Us All

Often, the most clear-eyed understandings come from a true grasp of what the alternative looks like. If you want a new and refreshing perspective on Britain, ask a first generation immigrant. Years back, one of Worcester’s restaurateurs told me of his enthusiasm for Britain. Not the doe-eyed, romanticised vision of a new mother country; he wasn’t interested in being part

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Worcestershire County Council Declare Climate Emergency

Earlier this month, Worcestershire County Council declared a climate emergency and pledged to try and meet a target of reaching net carbon neutrality by 2050. This is after the Conservative-led council declined to declare a climate emergency back in 2019. Both the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats pledged before May’s elections that they would declare a climate emergency and once

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Local rape crisis centre closes doors due to lack of funding

A severe lack of funding means survivors of rape and sexual violence in Herefordshire & Worcestershire will no longer be accepted onto the waiting list of our local specialist support service after it took the difficult decision to close its waiting list.Β  West Mercia Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre (WMRSASC), which offers specialist support to survivors of sexual violence,

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