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Wyre Forest residents protest construction of local incinerator

As people become increasingly aware of climate change and its causes and effects, largely thanks to climate activists such as Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough, it seems a mistake to build yet another local incinerator. This is why ‘Wyre Forest Against Incineration’ is campaigning to stop the proposed new incinerator from being built. The proposed ‘Energy Park’ on which the incinerator will sit is due to

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Young, Vulnerable and Without Support—The Effect of Cuts on Youth Services

The cutting of funding for youth services has had a devastating impact on society. The importance of youth services is consistently overlooked by government and we are now beginning to see the consequences of their actions. As a volunteer at several youth provisions over the last four years, I have first-hand experience of these lasting impacts. Why have youth services

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Three Powerful Poems from Tari Takavarasha

Worcester’s second Black Lives Matter protest which was held on the 8th of August was another brilliantly powerful event which again highlighted the various issues surrounding systemic racism in the U.K and further afield. At the event Tariro Takavarasha, who grew up in Worcester, wrote and performed three poems which you can see below. You can see more of her

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Black Lives Matter Protest in Worcester TOMORROW

The organiser’s of the hugely successful Black Lives Matter protest on the 13th of June at the Worcester Racehorse are holding another event TOMORROW. Details are still to be confirmed about the protest but this is what we know so far: When: 08/08/2020 at 13:00 (Speakers expected to start at 13:00) Where: Worcester (Exact Details TBC) The organisers have confirmed

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Bromsgrove Council Set-Up Racial Disparity Task Group

On the 6th of July, the Overview and Scrutiny Committee of the Bromsgrove District Council voted in favour of creating a task group to investigate racial disparities within the council’s operations. This bold move from the Council comes off the back of the Black Lives Matter protests that have led many institutions around the world to review their practices and

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