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Start fighting it now, for the next general election may be Britain’s last

“We are in hell right now, gentlemen.” So says Al Pacino’s character in Oliver Stone’s bombastic NFL flick ‘Any Given Sunday.’ As a Worcester Labour member (specifically, Social Media & Comms Officer), I feel those words bearing down on me every day. For Pacino, it was an unfavourable scoreboard at half time. For progressives, it’s a government gleefully persecuting migrants;

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How Should Local Government Respond To COVID-19?|Opinion

Given the austerity measures which have been waged against local authorities over the course of the last decade, local government is historically unprepared for a crisis such as COVID-19. The buck therefore lies primarily with central government to provide support to its people as this crisis escalates. Of course, even with their limited financial and legislative capabilities, local authorities have

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